Hello world!

There are many benefits in sharing life with a devoted companion in the form of a dog.  One of the highlights of my life is peaceful morning walks with my amazing yorkie/poodle, Shasta.  Being that I am a country girl at heart, I especially enjoy taking Shasta to a nearby park that helps me forget that I currently reside in the city.

We often race each other across the park.  Even at 13 years old, she could still beat me if she didn’t get distracted by all the exciting smells she likes to stop to investigate.  There are no demands on our time.  No negativity.  No politics or business or money concerns.  I feel no obligation to talk to anyone.  I can just be.  And enjoy.  And connect with life.

These are times I cherish and hope to preserve as memories.

More than anything, this will be a photo blog.  Beauty I encounter, unencumbered by language.